Traveltips about travel time, clothing and valuable about India

Because of its size it is impossible to get to know the entire India during one trip.
Therefore we focus with our traveltips on Rajasthan, the state with the most famous sights and also Prakashs homestate.

The best time to travel

die Frauen Indiens
Indian women
Markt in Jaisalmer
Market in Jaisalmer

in Rajasthan is from October to March. Later the temperatures rise up until May to about 40º C to 50ºC.

In June begins  monsoon season and the rain brings some of the long expected cooling. This will last sometimes until August/September.

The clothing

on a trip in India should be light cotton.

indische Damenmode
Indian fashion

The ladies should consider to wear a longer blouse or sweater,reaching close to the hips and covering the shoulders.   Depending on the season you need a warm jacket since the temperatures in Rajasthan can drop considerably after sunset. Even during the day a light sweater is usually necessary in December and January.

Sikh im Goldenen Tempel von Amritsar
Sikh at the Goldenen Temple in Amritsar

Clothes can be casual but should be neat. Indians are generally conservative in their clothing, too casual or sloppy would not be appreciated.

The first aid kit

for India should include something to treat fever and diarrhea, possibly also the usual patches and skin-disinfection in case of a small wound.
Vaccinations are not mandatory for India, but it is recommended to have a consultation with your family doctor before your trip.strassenansicht


Malaria is very rare in North India, but may occur in rare cases.
Further health information you find by the following link:

Fit for Travel

in every Indian city are Medical Stores. These are pharmacies where you get almost all medicine that are commonly used in Europe/USA. Pharmacists are well educated, speak English and advise you.

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