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Visa for India


Indiens Frauen
Women of India

The Visa for India must be requested before entry.

Information can be found here:
India Embassy UK
India Embassy USA
High Commissioner of India,Canada



Dalai Lama mit Lothar Seifert
Dalai Lama mit Lothar Seifert

If you want to know more about India, Nepal and the Himalayas just visit the web-side of Lothar Seifert. there you will find a lot of interesting information about the countrys and its habitants.         Asia-Lothar Seifert and also pictures of Nepal and India

A project founded by Lothar Seifert to help children of poor families to schooling and thus to a better future.
school fees for children


Apartamentos Los Condores
Apartamentos Los Condores

Every “Globetrotter” knows that we have also in Europ a lot worth seeing destinations like the spanish Costa del Sol. If you prefer more privacy instead of a hotel have a look at the  Apartmentos los Condores.

Your host Ilona is also aktiv in animal welfare.
Katzenhoffnung-ausgesetzte Katzen suchen ein neues Zuhause


Angelika Kallenbach
Angelika Kallenbach

Not far away from spain you find the next interesting and beautiful desitination for everybody who likes to travel.  Morocco- the dream of 1001 nights.
More information you find at Traumreisen-Marokko and Angelika Kallenbach.

horseriding during your holidays
horseriding during your holidays

Would you like  horseriding along a white sand beach in Marocco? Make contact at


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